Bests Ways to Naturally Heal a Cold

People often want to know what we do for ourselves or our kids if we get a cold, fever or cough. These simple steps are our recipe for health.

Remember – the immune system is like a muscle – it needs a workout to stay strong. Letting the body heal naturally will build your immune system so you won’t get sick as often.

1. Eliminate the bad stuff. We immediately eliminate dairy products, sugar and white flour at the first sign of a cold.

2. Supplement! Adults (not pregnant or nursing) can take nucleotides and allicidin to put a quick stop to any symptoms. We keep them in our cabinet just in case. In addition, we increase our intake of the following: chlorella, zinc, probiotics, echinacea, vitamins C, A and D. Children – we use Nature’s Sunshine liquid ALJ and CCA, rub garlic oil on the bottoms of the feet and Tei Fu oil on the chest. In addition, they will take chew able vitamin C, multi-vitamins, probiotics, chlorella and cod liver oil (lemon flavored of course).

3. We make chicken soup from homemade bone broth and fill them with organic, whole foods.

4. Get adjusted! Chiropractic Adjustments increase the immune system by 200%. We get adjusted daily during times of immune crisis in order to allow the body to work most effectively.

Always remember that the things you do to GET healthy are the things you should do to STAY healthy!

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